Avoiding Sports Injuries & Heel Pain

The last few weeks we have hit upon recovering from pains or injuries.  Recovering from injury can put a serious crimp in your healthy lifestyle.  None of us want to be sidelined from our running routine or daily activities due to injury especially during the holiday season.  Prevention is important to all of us and we wanted to highlight the top three things we think you should keep in mind to prevent problems.


1. Don’t become a weekend warrior.  We all have been guilty at one time or another of neglecting our running routine to work, family and the rest of the things that fill up our lives.  With Christmas and New Years coming ever closer, even our weekends become hectic this time of year.  The point here is that big gaps between your runs can put you into the same group as the notorious ‘weekend warrior’.  The phrase synonymous with weekdays devoid of physical activity only to explode into intense activity over the weekend. The best way to avoid this is to try to keep to your regular routine and be sure to dial back your distance or pace if you find yourself running less frequently.


2. Physical therapy is not just for injuries.  Stretching and strengthening are great for avoiding heel pain or the muscle imbalances that can cause injury. At the first sign of abnormal aches, pains, muscle or tendon tightness not relieved by your usually post run cool down, consider a visit to Three Lakes Physical Therapy and Wellness Center.  Taping, massage, and ultrasound therapy are just a few of the modalities we can implement to keep running.  An assessment can identify areas to improve or work on and can keep you healthy and prevent injury.


3. Nutrition and hydration.  Eating smart and keeping a good balanced diet should not be sabotaged by the holidays.  Remember the right foods can mean all the difference when your body is recovering from a run.


Hopefully you can keep this things in mind as we move closer to the holidays. Keeping yourself healthy and preventing injuries can keep you running Austin.

Dr. Craig H. Thomajan, DPM, FACFAS, FAENS
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Founder and Managing Partner of Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists
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