Beating Fungal Nails – Laser Treatments the Best Option

Fungal nails are characterized by discoloration, thickness, and are often quite unsightly. It can strike one or many of your nails.  The environment of closed toed shoes offers a great place for it to hide and can be difficult to eliminate. There are a number of treatments applied topically to nails that have been available for a long time.  These topical medications can be very effective at destroying the fungus it coming into contact with.  Unfortunately, it is difficult to effectively deliver the medication to the deep layers or underside of your nails just by placing it on top of the infected nail.  Without destroying all the fungus, it will continue to feed off of the new nail as it forms.

While there are also a number of oral medications your Austin podiatrist can prescribe that work to defeat the fungus from the inside out, many of these have unpleasant side effects.  The most common oral medication, terbinafine, has been generically available since 2007.  Its effectiveness has been tempered by the rare side effect of harming the liver.  Because of this, your doctor must test your blood to determine the status of your liver both before prescribing the medication as well as half way through treatment. Fungal nails often strike individuals with other health problems, like diabetes; further increasing the risks associated with taking the medications.

Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists now have the means to effectively destroy the fungus hiding underneath your nails without oral medication.  The Blue Shine Laser allows us to kill the fungus that is destroying your nail without damaging any healthy surrounding tissue.  The treatment takes approximately fifteen minutes with warmth to your nail the only sensation you will feel.   This latest technology is superior to other treatments for fungal nails.  A visit with Dr. Thomajan is the first step to finding out if this is the best treatment for you.  Additionally, we have an entire section of FAQ’s addressing laser treatments.

Until next time, keep the nails on your feet happy and health Austin!

Dr. Craig H. Thomajan, DPM, FACFAS, FAENS
Founder and Managing Partner of Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists
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