Diabetes Awareness – 5 important steps for foot care

We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday!  I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who saw a spike in my blood sugars due to that big meal.  Hopefully, if you are living with diabetes, you did a better job of keeping your sugars low during the first big holiday of the year. 

Well just in case you missed our first blog of the month, November is the American Diabetes Association’s Diabetes Awareness month. We hope you keep a yearly appointment with your family doctor or primary care physician in order to check your overall health and identify problems, like diabetes, early.  If you have any symptoms, such as vision problems, frequent urination, extreme thirst or hunger make an appoint to see your doctor immediately as you may have diabetes.

Part of maintaining good health as a diabetic individual is through yearly visits to your Austin podiatrist.  Because of increased risks for open or difficult to heal wounds, vascular problems, neuropathy, and amputation, regular podiatry visits are a must.  Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists have some guidelines for you to follow between visits.  We highlight the big 5 here:

  1. Check your feet daily.  Utilize a mirror if necessary, but be such to check the bottom of your feet as well as between your toes for any problems.
  2. Wash your feet daily.  Use warm water and avoid long soaks.  Be sure to dry them well, especially between the toes where moisture can lead to breaks in the skin.  Moisturize your skin afterwards again avoiding between the toes
  3. Trim nails carefully.  Cutting them straight across will prevent them from becoming too short and ingrown.  Use a file or emory board instead if they are difficult to trim and there is a risk of cutting yourself.
  4. Never self treat.  Attempting to cut out ingrown nails, using caustic callus removal agents, or trimming corns yourself can lead to infections and worsening of the problem.
  5. Never go barefoot!  By wearing shoes or firm soled slippers at all times you are on your feet, you can avoid scratches, cuts, or other traumas. 

If you do notice any injuries to your foot, don’t delay in making an appointment by calling Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists at (512) 328-8900.

Until next time, keep those diabetic feet happy and healthy, Austin!

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