Dwayne Wade – RICE at its best

While the headlines have been blasted with ‘Linsanity’, the stellar return of Dwayne Wade may be under your radar.  Wade had been struggling through games during the month of January with injuries that wouldn’t resolve.   He had been ‘taking it easy’ during that time without any resolution to his heel pain or ankle sprain.  After the Miami Heat benched him for two weeks at the end of January, he seems to be back with a vengeance.  The Heat has gone 12 for 14 since his return.

It would appear that resting from his injuries played a big part in his healing.  If you’ve visited our blog before, you are no stranger to the RICE mantra for injury. Hopefully it didn’t take an injury of your own to discover that many injuries, especially those of the ankle, should be treated with rest, ice, and elevation.  The main reason this is a very effective initial treatment is that it limits further damage.

Rest:  Initial rest or immobilization of an injury prevents the initial damage from spreading or becoming worse. Resting long term, as in Dwayne Wade’s case, allows time for your body to do what it was made to and heal the damaged ligaments and tendons.   

ICe: Ice and Compression helps to minimalize swelling to the area by constricting blood vessels.  Swelling is your body’s way of bathing the damaged tissue in fluid to protect and heal the area.  Unfortunately, many part of your body, like the ankle cannot easily accommodate a large influx of fluid.   Pressure from the increased fluid can create its own damage in addition to halting healing. 

Elevation:  Your lymphatic system returns excess fluid that escapes your circulation. By raising the injured ankle or limb above the heart, it is easier for excess fluid to exit the damaged area and return to the circulatory system. When elevation is used together with icing, you can efficiently control the level of swelling that is occurring.  Effective reduction in swelling can help injuries to heal faster and with fewer problems than otherwise.

It is important to seek out proper medical treatment for any major injuries to give yourself the best opportunity to heal.  Your Austin podiatrist has many non-surgical procedures that can promote and shorten healing time.  If we look to what resting and proper treatment did for Dwayne Wade, you should seek out treatment today.

Until next time, keep those feet and ankles happy and healthy Austin!
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