Early Diabetes Detection – ADA’s “Join the Million Challenge”

Our blogs frequently discuss keeping your diabetes controlled and monitoring your feet for injuries and abnormalities.  Long term diabetes can wreck havoc on the small nerves and vessels that supply your feet. For this reason, early detection, treatment and maintenance are always an important step in order to delay or stop many of the complications that can occur.  We would thus like to join the American Diabetes Association in asking you to ‘Join the Million Challenge' to stop diabetes.

This past Tuesday the 22nd was the ADA's Diabetes ALERT! DAY.  The one day call kicks off a month long campaign to awaken American's to the risk of diabetes.  The fact is that diabetes can be present for years before noticeable symptoms, such as vision difficulties or excessive urination, are observed.  Because of this, it is possible that a large portion of people are unaware they are living with pre-diabetes or full blown diabetes.  Pre-diabetes is a condition where you have elevated blood sugars, but not high enough to be called diabetes, and are at much higher risk factor for developing diabetes than others.   Some risk factors such as body weight and activity level are under your control.  Other factors that you cannot control included family history, ethnicity, age, and birth weight.

To determine your personal risk for diabetes, take the Diabetes Risk Test at www.stopdiabetes.com.  You can also do this via the telephone (1-800-DIABETES {2383}).  Answer a few simple questions and this quiz will help assess your risk for developing the disease and, if necessary, the proper health professionals to consult.  While the ADA is asking everyone to spread the word via conversations and social media sites over the next month, this risk assessment is available year round.  You can take control of your wellbeing by stopping problems before they occur.  Remember, if you do have diabetes; remember that a yearly check up at Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists can help keep your feet fit!

Until next time, make sure to keep those feet happy and healthy, Austin!
Dr. Craig H. Thomajan, DPM, FACFAS, FAENS
Founder and Managing Partner of Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists
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