The Laser Advantage: Effective Fungal Nail Treatment

Something weird is definitely going on in Austin, and we’re not just talking about that strange fungus taking over your toenails! We’re talking about the traditional “Keep Austin Weird Fest & 5K!” Held on June 25, at Veteran’s Pocket Park and the American Legion grounds, this just for fun, wacky event is known as “the slowest 5k you’ll ever run” and encourages people to wear crazy costumes and run, walk, skip—whatever you fancy—through the streets of downtown Austin.

Weird, yes, but tons of fun, unlike that fungal toenail infection of yours! You may be experiencing some peculiar discoloration, bizarre thickness, irregular shape, and odd odor, but if you run, walk, or skip to Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists, our laser treatments will take care of it all in a snap.

Get rid of toenail fungusToenail fungus can definitely make your nails look weird, but the infection can also become painful. Unfortunately, topical and oral treatments are often unsuccessful in eliminating the stubborn fungi that can set up camp beneath your nail through even the smallest of tears in your skin. Laser treatment for fungal nails, however, is a quick, painless, and effective alternative with no side effects or downtime involved.

The laser concentrates a powerful beam of light energy that penetrates your nail and destroys the fungi underneath while leaving the surrounding areas unharmed—it might sound crazy, but it’s highly effective! With the fungus eliminated, your nail can regain its clear and healthy appearance and you can end your embarrassment and suffering.

To find out more about laser treatment for fungal nails, or to make an appointment, give our Austin, TX office a call at (512) 328-8900, and get the laser advantage over toenail fungus today!


Dr. Craig H. Thomajan, DPM, FACFAS, FAENS
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