Fall prevention: Avoid putting damper on the season

Staying healthy during the holidays should be a priority for all of us.  Because injuries and sickness can put a serious damper on what should be a joyful yet busy time of year, prevention should be part of our daily life. Let the team at Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists help to eliminate falls as a potential problem this holiday season.   If you are over 65 years young, you are at a greater risk for falling.  Studies have shown that these falls can have drastic effects with 1/5th of individuals who fall requiring hospitalization.  For those who have reached 85 years young, these falls can result in fatal injury in more than 30% of cases.  We here at Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists want all of our older Austinites to know that we can help them from becoming one of these statistics.

There are often many reasons why falls occur.  It is our mission to determine all the reasons behind your risk for falling, prescribe ankle foot orthosis, other assistive devices and work with other healthcare providers to keep you on your feet.  A podiatrist is specially trained in the foot and ankle.  Our team will assess your foot, ankle and the muscles that attach to them and support the rest of your body. As part of your healthcare team, we can assess muscular, structural, neurologic and vascular systems to evaluate your risk for falling.  With a completed assessment, we can help manage many of the reasons for your increased risk.  These risks can often be negated or eliminated with proper management.

You don’t have to wait until you have fallen to seek out an Austin podiatrist.  Dr. Thomajan can assess your center of gravity and ultimate stability no matter what age you are.   By assessing your risk factors and possible deficits appropriate supportive devices and therapies can be prescribed.  Don’t wait until a fall affects your holiday; make an appointment to see your podiatrist today.

Until next time, stay on your feet to keep happy and health Austin!

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