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Foot painIs it the cold weather, ice, or winter sports that cause a spike in foot problems in the month of January?  While individuals may be less likely to visit the doctor earlier in the year because they have yet to meet their insurance deductable, more people probably experience foot problems in January than any other month.  It is less likely due to any of the previously mentioned rational, but rather three words……New Year’s Resolution!


The start of a new year gives many of use the opportunity to try new things and put our self in position to live a healthier lifestyle.  How many of us have resolved to make this year the year to be more active, loss those extra pounds, or better control your diabetes? We at Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists want everyone to stay healthy or improve their health through diet and exercise.  Unfortunately, too many of us don’t last through the aches and pain that can quickly develop in the foot.  Jumping right into a new vigorous exercise routine is an excellent way to develop foot pain.


This isn’t the first time we have talked about proper conditioning and easing into a new exercise routine, but it is well worth mentioning again.  As many of us could testify through personal experience, ‘an ounce of prevent, IS worth a pound of cure!’  The best way to prevent foot and ankle injury is to slowly work up to you goals.  In the case of walking or running, begin with smaller distances and add a little more with each subsequent routine allowing you ample rest between routines.  The same rational should go into wearing new footwear or orthotics.  By following the simple guide of working up to more strenuous exercise or distance, you can avoid becoming part of the large group of people who will develop foot pain in January.

Until next time, keep those feet happy and healthy, Austin!

Dr. Craig H. Thomajan, DPM, FACFAS, FAENS
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