Hammertoe Surgery: Help Is Just Around the Bend

Maybe you take after your mom. Perhaps you seriously injured your toe at some point in your past. It could be that your shoes are too tight, forcing your toes into an abnormal bent position. Whatever the reason—heredity, trauma, or shoes that squeeze—if your toe buckles up at the middle joint, causing it to rise up above the rest, this is called hammertoe. You might find the condition embarrassing, but worse, you could find it painful. Because the joint protrudes upward, it can rub against the top of your shoe and become irritated and sore. Traditional treatments include ice, anti-inflammatory medication, stretches, and a change to more comfortable shoes, but when these don’t work and your discomfort persists, hammertoe surgery may be your best bet.

This type of surgery differs according to the cause and severity of the condition. It may involve a partial removal of bone to assist in realignment. Another variation can entail fusing the toe joint to keep it in place. This is done by removing the cartilage from the joint and then joining the bones together so that they do not move. Sometimes implants like screws or pins may be used to maintain proper position.

If you have hammertoes, don’t suffer from pain and embarrassment. Find out about available treatment options—including hammertoe surgery. Ask Dr. Craig H. Thomajan DPM, FACFAS for an appointment by calling (512) 328-8900. Visit us online or at Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists here in Austin Texas.

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