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Whether you are a seasoned runner who has upped their mileage, or is utilizing new footwear; or a newbee just began to run, heel pain can strike you down.  You don’t have to cover much distance before each heel strike makes you wince with pain.  A day worth of rest may calm it down, but it remains a constant nagging pain.  If this is happening to you, make a visit to Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists.  


There are a number of reasons the pain could be occurring from plantar fasciitis to stress fracture.  Each possible cause needs to be considered so that the proper treatment can be used.  There are a variety of modalities that can be used, such as extracorporeal pulse activation therapy or specialized shoe inserts. The sooner you can have the problem identified, the sooner you can get back to your running routine. 

Your foot mechanics are often the biggest controllable factor to any foot problems.   Everyone’s feet are different and not every brand of shoe will work for every person.  Running shoes typically have a good amount of support and control they provide the feet they cover.  That doesn’t mean each shoe is providing the best support to your feet.  


The best way to do that is with a custom orthotic.  I’m not talking about the Dr. Scholl’s Custom Fit Orthosis kiosk at the store.  ‘Custom Fit’ is a marketing term that is a misnomer as these are not specific to your foot and your foot alone. These are actually just a generally manufactured padding that can quickly break down.  The custom orthotic that we make for you is very durable and will not break down with the forces placed on them when you run.  By measuring the curvature of your foot, a cast is made and the material is fitted to provide the right amount of support in the right areas.   A true custom orthotic is more unique than eye glasses and can help your run without experiencing heel pain.  Don’t continue to run in discomfort, have that heel pain fixed today!

Dr. Craig H. Thomajan, DPM, FACFAS, FAENS
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