Heel Pain – Your Nerves

There are many reasons you may be experiencing heel pain.  The causes can be as simple as over use or inappropriate shoes to as complicated as bone tumors and fractures.  Austin foot and ankle specialists have developed several different websites to educate you on the issues surrounding your heel pain.  Visit the Heel Pain Center of Central Texas website to understand some of the basics. While the number one reason for heel pain involves inflammation of the plantar fascia at the heel bone, there are a number of nerves in the same area that can be involved.


The plantar fascia runs from the balls of your feet to the bottom of your heel bone.  When it becomes irritated, the pain usually is on the inside of the bottom of your foot. This is the same area that many of the nerves, vessels and tendons enter your foot from your leg. These nerves supply sensation and signals to the muscles in your foot. They enter your foot through the tarsal tunnel.  At this level the pains usually shoot up your leg.  When the impingement shoots towards your toes or radiates around your heel, the problem is likely due to the plantar fascia.  A tight or inflamed fascia can impinge upon some of the smaller sensory braches around your heel bone.  


Plantar fasciitis has been a big story in the ongoing NBA playoffs.  Chicago center Joakim Noah has been battling fasciitis during the Brooklyn Nets-Chicago Bulls series. The use of anti-inflammatory medication, physical therapy, and supportive inserts are all easy non-invasive treatments that can correct a fascia that has become tight or inflamed. If you caught game four this weekend, these conservative modalities may have been successfully implemented as the center was able to play a game that went into triple overtime!


When it comes to nerve entrapment, it is crucial to seek treatment sooner than later.  Nerves that become compressed will begin to degenerate and could lead to irreversible damage. This is not the most likely cause of your heel pain but a possibility that should not be overlooked.  See your Austin podiatrist to get relief from your heel pain no matter the cause.


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