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Running shoesGoogle “Kickstarter best workout shoes,” and you might be surprised what appears in your search results. People are raising money to create all types of footwear including athletic gear. Ropix jump rope shoes, anyone? Or maybe you’re a Croc lover who would fall in love with Crosskix—a sneaker made from the same foamy material. If you’re looking for a more traditional look, the Spring 2014 line of athletic shoes has hit the shelves.


Bright colors on your kicks? The trend will continue, but you will find a few “dark horses” as well. Runner’s World recently chose the Adidas Supernova Glide 6 running shoe to receive their Editor’s Choice award. The shoe’s cushion proved to be its greatest asset, and credit is given to new technology from Adidas called Boost foam.


A cheaper option (by about $30), Under Armour’s new shoe on the market exceeds its previous attempts. The Speedform Apollo is almost seam-free, giving it a smooth, sleek appearance. Runner’s World suggests that these shoes might be a great option for people who love to run sans socks!


No matter what you do to stay in shape, it’s important to find the right shoe. Shop for activity-specific footwear that fits well and addresses your arch type. If you have known biomechanical issues, keep those in mind as well. The best workout shoes are those that let you do your favorite activities without ending up with sore feet.


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