NCAA Tournament 2012 - Elite 8 is ready to play

In typically NCAA March Madness® fashion, there have been some exciting games the past few weeks.    A number of lower seeds knocked off their contenders to get through the first round in exciting and stellar fashion.  The true ‘Cinderella’ teams, like Xavier (11), Cincinnati (6), Ohio (13), and NC State (11), even made their way to the Sweet 16®.  Unfortunately, many of these teams fell to their higher seeded foes in some very exciting games the past few nights.  Florida (7), Louisville (4), and Baylor (3) are the only Elite 8® teams that are not amongst the #1 and #2 seeds.

Florida has proved themselves to have many quality players on their team. After losing sophomore forward Will Yeguete, a solid contributor to the team, had a foot injury back in February they had to adapt. Will had to undergo foot surgery to repair a broken metatarsal, putting him out for rest of the season and the Gators initially struggled to play well in his absence.  This underdog team was able to adjust their game play and make their way into the tournament as a 7 seed.   If you have seen their play through the tournament so far, you may not have even realized they were missing one of their players. They almost lost another player as early in the tournament, another guard, Kenny Boynton, had a mild ankle sprain.  Fortunately it didn’t sideline him from rest of the tournament.  Florida isn’t the only team who has had to adapt.  University of North Carolina has kept up solid play even with point guard Kendall Marshall sideline with a wrist fracture.  With the injury only a week old, it is questionable if he will be able to play tomorrow.  Hopefully the rest of the games finish without any more player injuries. 

As Saturday comes to a close, we’re halfway through the Elite 8® games.  The Florida v. Louisville game is well to it completion by the time you’re reading this and Syracuse v. Ohio State is finishing as well.   Only two more games tomorrow before the Final Four® is set.  Enjoy rest of the Madness Austin!

Until next time, keep those feet happy and healthy Austin!


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