Nullify Nerve Pain with Neurogenx

Trying to get to the last of your summer bucket list, but afraid nerve pain is going to get in the way? Not to fear! You don’t have to let the burning, tingling, and pain of neuropathy stop you from fitting in all your summer fun! Neurogenx is an innovative treatment method with proven results to manage nerve pain and ease neuropathy symptoms.

Nerve Pain

Combined with medication that numbs the nerves and blocks pain signals, this non-invasive procedure uses high-frequency electronic waves to painlessly reach deep through tissues and stimulate the healing of damaged nerves below. The reaction that takes place on a cellular level results in the reduction of swelling and pain, and at the same time, an increase in circulation and nerve metabolism. This encourages damaged nerve cells to repair and regenerate. To put it simply, your nerve pain and other symptoms will be nullified!

So, don’t let nerve pain cause you to leave your summer bucket list undone. Call and ask us about Neurogenx – a safe, gentle, and highly effective treatment to manage neuropathy and end your battle with painful nerve damage.

You can even request additional materials to help you manage your symptoms. Sign up for our free whitepaper and order our free book! We want to provide you with all the care you need and information you want to live an active and pain-free life with neuropathy.

Dial (512) 328-8900 to reach our Austin, TX office and find out more, make an appointment, or request your free nerve pain materials. That way, you can get back to that bucket list of yours, and maybe even add a few more things to it!

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