NY Giants Wide Receiver Hakeem Nicks Fractures Foot – Fifth Metatarsal Fractures

An unfortunate turn of events this past Thursday had Hakeem Nicks spending his Memorial Day weekend recovering from surgery. Any football fan out there knows the New York Giants are the Super Bowl Champions in no small part to this player’s performance.  Last season Hakeem Nicks caught 76 passes, ran of over 1,100 yards, and scored 7 touchdowns with an addition 28 catches, 444 yards, and 4 touchdowns in the post season!  Unfortunately, a repeat of this performance is in question after he sustained a foot fracture during an off-season team activity on Thursday.  It was while running an individual drill that he fractured of his fifth metatarsal in his right foot.

Hakeem NicksThe fifth metatarsal is the long bone behind your pinkie toe that supports a large part of the outside of your foot.  There are two tendons from leg muscles that attach at its base as well as two foot muscle that begins there.  When fractures do occur here, they are most often either avulsion fractures, Jones fractures, or stress fractures.  The area of this bone where injuries most often occur receives less blood than other areas and is labeled a Jones fracture.  Because of the limited blood flow, the bone is less likely to heal normally and surgery is the gold standard for care.  Hakeem Nicks successfully underwent surgery on Friday and is expected to be recovering for the next 12 weeks.  If your Austin podiatrist sees any delay or concerns that healing is not progressing as it should, there are several treatments that can be implemented to assist in adequate healing.  Anytime you suspect a foot fracture, implement RICE and make an appointment with Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists.

Hopefully all of you are staying safe and enjoyed the extended weekend marking the beginning of the summer season. As you’re out enjoying the extra time off this Memorial Day, please take a few minutes to remember all the members of our armed service who have died in service to this country. We can agree that our country has its own struggles, but it is through the service of many Americans that we are able to enjoy many of the personal freedoms we have.

Until next time, keep those feet happy and healthy Austin!

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