Protect Your Feet & Have Safe New Years’ Eve

Tomorrow night we ring in the New Year.  I myself will more than likely ring in the New Year watching the back of my eyelids.  For the rest of you, who will be celebrating in style, please do it safely.  There are plenty of party’s out there to dress in your finest and ring in 2013 with friends.  Remember that stylish heels and a little too much Champaign can make for a precarious situation for your foot and ankles. We hope you give a little thought to your shoe choice before heading out for the evening.


Ankle sprains and falls can be unfortunate side effects of wearing high heeled shoes. We know that flats are rarely as stylish a heels and probably aren’t on your radar when you are picking out an ensemble for the evening. Keep in mind that for every inch off the ground your heels are, the more unstable your ankle becomes, and the greater your risk of injury.  They may make you look good but your body was not designed to have you walk on the tips of your feet for long periods of time.  It does not take much for you to stumble and fall when you are walking on your toes. The sage advice is to try to choose heels that are less than two inches to minimize problems.  Having been shoe shopping with my wife once or twice, I realize how unrealistic this suggestion is.  A better choice is to stay away from the stilettos and look heels that don’t come to a point but rather have a solid base.


If ankle injury does ever befall you, be it high heels or not, implement the RICE principle and schedule a visit with either Drs. Thomajan or John. The longer you neglect any injury the tougher it can be to heal.  Our team at Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists and Three Lakes Physical Therapy and Wellness Center are here to get you better and keep you well.


Until next time, keep your feet and ankles happy and healthy Austin!

Dr. Craig H. Thomajan, DPM, FACFAS, FAENS
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