Runner’s World Body Breakdowns – Heel pain big part of the list

This past months’ print issue of Runner’s World had an article on common injuries to besiege runners.  If you are not a subscriber, there is an online version of this article.  Unsurprising to us is that at least three of these injuries can show up as heel pain.  Whether it is a stress fracture, Achilles tendonitis, or the all too common plantar fasciitis, this article highlights some of the steps you can take to deal with them if they occur. Because it can be difficult to distinguish the bone damage that occurs from a stress fracture from tendon damage, we must recommend you recruit the help of a foot specialist.


Often ‘taking it easy’ or giving yourself a few days of rest can help many mild inflammations, aka ‘itis’.  Beyond this you need to address why the problem occurred in order to prevent it from happening again. In the case of stress fractures which may often require X-ray or CT imaging to verify, you may requires more than a few days of  resting and immobilization to allow for the bone to properly heal.   Resting an injury sound like an easy solution, but even if you slow down or stop your running routine for a few days you still have to continue your daily life.   Honestly, who amongst can afford to stay off our feet for any extended period of time?  Special boots can be used to transfer the pressure and strain on your foot bones and tendons higher up your leg, these specialized boots can effectively rest the injury while keeping you mobile and various modalities can be implemented to help you heal.


If your symptoms worsen or do not get better, it is important that you visit your Austin podiatrist.  A thorough review of your activities, home treatments, symptoms, and foot mechanics can help your doctor to identify and implement ways to correct the problem.  Proper foot wear, warm ups, stretching, and building up to greater distances can all go a long way in preventing heel pain and other running related injuries.  When good prevention fails, it is time to seek out podiatric care…..


Dr. Craig H. Thomajan, DPM, FACFAS, FAENS
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