Tattoo or Not to Tattoo….. Your Feet

foot tattooThat is the question!  While not for everyone, tattoos have become much less taboo than in the past.  According to Google maps, there are no less than 10 shops in the Austin city limits to choose from if you are thinking of getting one.  Humans have had a long history of tattooing for a variety of reasons.  Often the staple of pirates, gang members, and others on the edge of society, recent history has brought the practice out of the shadows. Tattoo shops are regulated by the state for sterility and health concerns making the risks associated with them minimal.  Now days, the choice for most of use is a personal one and tattoos are most often in discreet places. When it comes to choosing a location for your selected image, it is of note that the foot has become a prime spot, especially for women. Jennifer Aniston is one of many female celebrities to choose this location only a few months ago.


Whatever your reason for choosing a tattoo, consider these three things before you decide to tattoo your foot:


1. Location - The top of your foot may be an excellent spot to accessorize your latest shoe, but the top your foot is lax in the amount of muscle and fat, the two tissues that provide the most padding.  There is actually only a single muscle found on the top of your foot. The flexor digitorum brevis is located in the top of your foot just in front of your ankle and helps to pull your toes up when you’re walking. While everyone tolerates pain differently, especially the kind associated with tattoo needling this lack of padding on top of your foot can accentuate the discomfort.


2. Healing - Your completed tattoo is a wound.  It needs to be protected with a bandage and pressure kept off it as the skin heals.  Even though our Texas weather allows you to wear more open footwear longer it still may make putting your foot into a shoe more difficult.


3. Future Surgery – Few of us plan to have surgery, but if it becomes necessary it could ruin your artwork. While there are many factors that lead to bunions and other foot problems, women’s high heeled shoes has often been a contributing factor.  This is something to be aware of if other family members have had foot surgeries or you regularly wear high heels.


Hopefully our blog has given you some new insights to consider before getting a foot tattoo.  Please call or visit Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists if you have any foot or ankle concerns.

Until next time, keep your fee happy and health Austin!

Dr. Craig H. Thomajan, DPM, FACFAS, FAENS
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