The right shoe can mean all the difference – Cross Trainers

If you took our previous blog to heart and are diversifying your activities to improve your running, it is worth looking at another type of shoe.  Cross Trainers.  As the name implies, they are a bit of a multipurpose shoe, allowing you to wear them for a variety of activities.  The running shoes you wear are designed for primarily saggital, or straight ahead motion.   They are designed to offer varied amount of support depending on your foot type.  This design makes them very good for running on flat surfaces like roads or tracks. Often, these good running shoes lack the side to side, or transverse, support that is required for rougher terrains or trails.  Additionally, some of the other activities that are suggested runners participate in to improve overall health require added support in the rearfoot and ankle that you would find in cross trainer.


Because the support underneath your foot translates into energy at your ankle, knee and hip, the proper shoe can be all the more critical in preventing or not aggravating problems in any of these joints.  Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists have GaitScan™ technology that allows us to measure exactly how much support and to what areas of your foot you need. Pairing a thorough exam with this information, we can help you identify the best footwear for you.  Once you know the type of foot structure you have, you can match it to the type of footwear best suited for your feet and your activity. Shoe companies are constantly changing the structure and styling of shoe so it is a good idea to discuss the types of shoes you are using with your podiatrist.  Don’t be afraid to bring your running shoes or cross trainers to your appointment.  Wear patterns on your shoe can help us guide your future purchases. 


One last thing to keep in mind with all the ‘expert’ suggestions out there on the web, your Austin podiatrist has the most extensive training of any medical professional when it comes to your feet.   The national organization of podiatrists, American Podiatric Medical Association, or APMA, puts their seal of acceptance on footwear and other products they deem good for your feet.  Be sure to use these resources in selecting the right shoe for your activities.


Dr. Craig H. Thomajan, DPM, FACFAS, FAENS
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