Toning Shoes: To Follow the Fad or Not

You’ve seen all the TV commercials, heard all the hype, but we know what you’re thinking—“Do toning shoes really work?” That’s a good question! The ads all tout that the rocker bottom soles and cushioning of toning shoes will strengthen your muscles and actually help you burn calories, but studies have not been able to come up with any evidence to support such claims.

In fact, some people may find toning shoes more harmful than helpful. That’s because the comfort of this specialized type of footwear depends highly upon foot structure. Those with certain conditions and biomechanics may experience pain after wearing toning shoes. Of course in some situations, the distinctive design might do the opposite and actually ease pain. Again, it all depends on the person and his or her unique feet.

So the answer to your question of whether toning shoes work is a definite maybe. Your best bet is to visit your podiatrist and have your feet assessed. Then try on a pair and see how they feel. If they’re comfy, great; if not, then wait for the next fad that will be coming soon to stores near you!

 As far as toning up your legs before you throw on some shorts, we suggest sticking to a healthy diet and exercise routine for guaranteed results.

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