Vivo barefoot® – Another option for the barefoot runner

We hope you have taken the time to educate yourself about minimalist or barefoot running before you have tried it.  Barefoot running isn’t for everyone.  We have discussed it before in this heel pain blog.  There are many proponents touting the benefits of it, but there are just as many medical professionals pushing for you to remain cautious.  The biggest concern is injury and infection that can come from getting something stuck in your skin, a big risk when running without any protection.   This concern is decreased with the use of so called ‘minimalist shoes’.   These ‘shoes’ offer a layer of protection for your skin while lacking the support of traditional running shoes.


There are many options out there as you are shopping for these minimalist shoes. Today we want to highlight one of those options; the Vivo barefoot®.  These shoes claim to be the first of these minimalist shoes on the market.  They claim to offer protection against punctures but with a specialized sole that allows for proprioceptive feedback.  Proprioception, your body ability to recognize positioning and to adjust muscle strength accordingly, has been a key to physical and rehabilitative therapy for some time.  A key to recovering from ankle sprains and injuries is early therapy to allow for this sensation to help guide you body to heal properly.  The theory is that this same proprioception can help strengthen the muscles in your foot, making you a better runner.


We feel this shoe is best suited for the committed or competitive runner who would like another element added to their training regime.  By wearing these on your off days, or for your occasional short distance, you may help the muscles in your feet to work better.  These muscles have a great influence on the joints and structure of your foot.  We have to recommend that you have your foot assessed by an Austin podiatrist.  Everyone’s foot structure is different and you should make sure that yours will function well with minimal support.  Doing so can keep you from having heel pain and many of the other injuries that are starting to surface in barefoot runners.

Dr. Craig H. Thomajan, DPM, FACFAS, FAENS
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