Does a store with computer scanners make a better orthotic?

In our opinion, No.  Despite the fact that scanner technology has come a long way over the past two decades, the application of this technology to the "casting" of a foot for foot orthotics is limited.  During the casting process, the position of the foot is critical for a properly functioning orthotic.  This is to ask, how is the foot positioned during the scanning process?  Is it placed in a corrected position or is the foot being scanned in an incorrect position that caused the problem to develop in the first place? 
Furthermore, if the "scanner" actually "casts" your foot, a custom made functional orthotic is not one that comes out of a box or that you receive a few minutes after being scanned.  The "scanners" placed in various shoe stores, drug stores and supermarkets simply measure your foot in the same way that your foot is measured with a typical measuring device found in any shoe store in America. 
Shoe store "scanners" simply measure the relative dimensions of your foot and steer the clerk to a pre made orthotic that they have on hand that most approximates your foot and shoe size.  That is the simple truth of it.