Why Does My Foot Hurt? (Our Interactive Tool Helps You Find Answers)

It’s a completely relatable situation:

You’re already frustrated by having pain, but this frustration is only heightened because you don’t know why it’s happening.

This puts you in a tough situation because the only way to effectively resolve a problem—such as foot or ankle pain—is to understand what’s going on.

After all, this is the reason our doctors start your treatment by carefully assessing your condition, and then using their training and experience to arrive at an accurate diagnosis.

Doing so is particularly important in the lower limbs because feet and ankles are highly complex structures responsible for enduring tremendous amounts of physical pressure.

(Basically, that means there's a wide range of possible issues that can develop down there!)

Use Our Interactive Foot Map to Find the Answers You Need

Whereas there is no substitute for a professional diagnosis from leading medical professionals, we do have a tool that many patients find to be rather useful—and you might as well.

You can begin to understand which of the numerous foot and ankle conditions is responsible for your pain by using our interactive foot map here on this page.

To use this map, simply scroll through the various views of the foot (by clicking the right or left arrow) until you see the area in which you’re experiencing pain.

Once you have the appropriate view:

  • If you are using a device with a touchscreen (phone, tablet, etc.)—Use your finger and touch the screen on the area you have pain.
  • If you are using a laptop or PC—Hover your cursor and click on the area you have pain.

When you do, you are presented with links guiding you to foot or ankle conditions and issues we see in that particular area.

Following the links will allow you to learn more about what might be wrong. This includes information on symptoms, potential causes, treatment options, and sometimes even prevention tips (although, we do understand you are likely on this page due to an existing problem).

Take Action Today and Put the Pain Away!

Knowing why you have pain is important, but it’s only half the battle.

The other half is actually doing something about it!

In most cases, foot and ankle pain will persist—or even become worse—when left unaddressed and normal activity levels continue. There’s no need to let discomfort linger, especially because you can find the care and treatment you need from Austin’s top podiatric team at any of our three offices.

Don’t suffer from the pain any longer. Instead, simply contact our office and request an appointment with whichever location is most convenient for you.

You can reach us by calling (512) 328-8900 or filling out our online form to continue your path to healthy, pain-free feet and ankles!

Dr. Craig H. Thomajan, DPM, FACFAS, FAENS
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