What Our Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists Patients Mean to Me

Hello everyone, thanks for stopping by! Tana, your Patient Coordinator here once again! Well since February is about hearts and butterflies, who am I to deny our loyal readership, right? Share the love!! This is to all our current and prospective patients: I wanted to take a moment to truly thank you guys from the bottom of my heart. I have a very rare opportunity because I get to wake up every day, lace up my favorite sneakers, drive to the most beautiful area in Austin and hang out with my best friends. If you’ve been to our office you know by now the outstanding dynamic here. Laughter is always echoing down the hallways and the buzz doesn’t stop until well after 5 o’clock each day. 

The people who fill my seats in reception are so much more than just “another patient.” I anxiously check my roster every morning wondering who I get to see that day. For some, I make sure to load up the candy jar with extra tootsie rolls.  Others it’s getting updates on the latest grandchild or seeing just how they’re doing after booking their surgery with me. I’ve even had tons of tips and encouragement as I train for my first half-marathon! Each day I get an opportunity to practice a skill that is a longtime goal of mine to master: being a better listener. Thank you for sharing your wonderful stories with me; I love hearing about them. 

Everyone who teeters down our stone pathway and through our front door gives me chance to learn something new and appreciate the little things each and every day. It always brightens my afternoon, and when the going gets tough there is no place I’d rather be than behind my desk waiting for the next patient to come say hi. With Dr. Thomajan’s trust and guidance, I’ve been given training to be the best I can be at my position. I’ve been sent to conferences and leadership trainings, been allowed to sit in on office procedures, and he even lets me handle surgery scheduling. For me, this means starting the patient down their path to wellness and seeing it through until the end. I help them understand their insurance, book their surgery, and coordinate their care the minute they leave the operating room until the day they “graduate.” It’s a pretty awesome feeling.

What do our patients mean to me you ask?  For someone with so many words, you may be surprised to find that I simply cannot express how much this practice means to me. It’s been an opportunity of a lifetime, and I have my peers and colleagues, as well as all our patients to thank. Every day gets a little brighter here. There are new exciting changes coming this year, and I hope we get the opportunity to share them with you! If you haven’t already, call our office today. You’ll meet one of my wonderful co-workers, or you may even get to speak with me! I look forward to our future reception chatter together. Until then, Best Wishes!!

Dr. Craig H. Thomajan, DPM, FACFAS, FAENS
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Founder and Managing Partner of Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists