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Sports InjuryAmericans are heeding the call to better health, and finding more ways to stay active on a daily basis. New workouts, running, and team sports do come with some risk, but you’re in good hands with the Austin experts in sports injury. We’ll help keep you on track with excellence in podiatric care.

From the age of three, children can begin to play a variety of sports. As they grow, skills and a sense of pride are developed. Pre-teens and teens are often heavily involved in league and school sports from swimming to soccer. As we age, rec teams, running clubs, and fitness classes are popular choices. The community spirit and positive impact on our physical health are big draws to these activities, but the pain of an untreated foot or ankle injury can sideline you from your normal routine.

At Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists, we understand that your overall health depends on the strength of your foundation. If you are experiencing discomfort in your feet and ankles, your activity level will likely drop. This can begin a vicious cycle of weight gain that inevitably leads to more stress and strain on your lower extremities. Call our office at the first sign of trouble, and keep moving!

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Common Sports Injuries

Achilles Tendonitis—This tendon, the largest in the body, stretches from the calf to the heel. Classified as an overuse injury, repeated stress leads to pain and decreased mobility.

Heel Pain—From Sever’s Disease to Plantar Fasciitis, pain in the heel can put a damper on all activity. Determining its cause is the first step to ending your discomfort. Schedule an appointment today!

High Ankle Sprain—This type of ankle sprain affects the ligaments that link the tibia and fibula. It is not as common as an injury to the lower part of the ankle, but it can have lasting effects such as stiffness for an athlete who suffers a twist of the ankle.

Metatarsalgia—Most physical activities require some amount of running and jumping, which can wreak havoc on the ball of the foot. Over time, this irritation develops due to how pressure is channeled across the feet. Hammertoe, high-impact training, and being overweight can also cause this condition.

Running InjuriesWhether you’ve joined the barefoot movement, or you lace up your favorite running shoes each day, the feet and ankles can be injured while running. Ease into training, and listen to your feet when you run.

Stress FracturesThis overuse injury occurs when a bone in the foot or ankle becomes cracked due to intense pressure and stress. The pounding that your feet take when you run, play tennis, or dance increases your risk. The metatarsal bones are often affected, so never ignore foot pain.

Turf ToeFootball and soccer aren’t the only sports that can lead to this sprain of the big toe joint. The ligaments that connect the toe to the foot can be injured when the toe is over extended. Putting weight on the toe can become quite painful and mobility is often affected.

Let Your Feet Make the Call

Your feet are built to work hard for you. Whether you’re working or playing, discomfort shouldn’t be a part of the game plan. If you are experiencing discomfort, listen to your body and call Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists today. Dr. Craig H. Thomajan DPM, FACFAS is dedicated to helping his patients stay active and free of foot and ankle pain. Call (512) 328-8900 today, or schedule an appointment online.

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