Do I Have A Bunion? What Are The Two Types Of Bunions? If you have a boney deformity on the side or top of your big toe, you may have a bunion.  There are two very different types of bunions that will require different treatment.  If your big toe, also known as the great toe, is pushing into your other toes, you may have hallux abducto-valgus.  These are common in older women but can also affect younger men and women.  The joint and the muscles that support it have changed over time creating structural damage.  The result of this is that your weight is no longer supported properly and this causes other injuries.  We can the progression of the bunion or repair the structure surgically.  If you are suffereing from a bump on the top of your foot, that may be something called a hallux limitus or a hallux rigidis.  These will cause lingering pain with each step and should also be treated by a podiatrist.  If you think you may have a bunion, we encourage you to browse the free resources on our website and don’t hesitate to call the Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists at 512-328-8900.