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Many of the patients seen by Dr. Craig H. Thomajan, DPM, FACFAS and Dr. Shine John, DPM, FACFAS, podiatric surgeons at Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists, are hesitant to come in and see a surgical practice for what may be a conservative therapy or treatment that they require.

It is a typical reaction for patients to be intimidated by the thought of seeing a surgeon. Many believe that a podiatric surgeon will only provide surgical treatment options when discussing a condition. At Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists, we work hard determine whether conservative or surgical management is the best option for your condition. We take pride in the conservative treatment options that we've built over time to offer our patients:

When applicable, we focus on conservative treatment management options. However, if a condition appears to progress beyond conservative measures, sometimes surgery management is necessary to be able to correct and take care of a problem adequately. Oftentimes, "pain is really the inclusion criteria for surgery". If a patient finds that conservative and palliative care is unsuccessful in treating their condition, moving to surgical methods is not a failure, it might just be what that patient needs to heal.

You don't have to be fearful that seeing a podiatric surgeon means that surgery is your only option. We have built our practice around conservative therapy, and many of the patients that we see don't need surgical management.

If you have a condition that's not getting better or you want a little more information on your treatment options, don't wait to contact Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists

Dr. Shine John, DPM, FACFAS
Podiatric Physician, Surgeon, Specialist at Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists