Shockwave Therapy Can Treat Your Chronic Heel Pain In this helpful video, Austin podiatrist Dr. Craig H. Thomajan DPM, FACFAS of Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists explains more about their commitment using the latest and best technology. One such technology that is offered is extracorporeal shockwave therapy for patients who suffer from chronic recalcitrant heel pain.

What does this mean? If you suffer from heel pain that has not been relieved by other more conservative therapies such as physical therapy, stretching exercises or orthotic therapy, we may have the solution that you have been desperately hoping for.

Extracorporeal shockwave therapy sounds painful, but is actually very similar to ultrasound. It is also extremely similar to the therapy that is used to break kidney stones in the lower back. The technology has just been changed slightly in order to allow the sound waves to travel through the bottom of your heel in order to stimulate the chronically inflamed soft tissue and heal your pain.

If you’ve been suffering with heel pain and feel like you’ve tried every treatment, do not give up. You may feel discouraged, but please know that this shockwave treatment may be exactly what your body needs to heal. Contact our office at 512.328.8900 to learn more.