What is the HyProCure Stent for Treating Pediatric Flatfoot?

Having suffered with flat feet for a good deal of his youth, Dr. Shine John, DPM, FACFAS of Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists understands the complications and pains associated with having flat feet. The experts at Austin Foot and Ankle offer great conservative management options for flexible flatfoot, including:

  • Shoe modifications
  • Activity modifications
  • Over the counter orthotics
  • Custom orthotics

Although all of these are great external options to manage an unstable flatfoot, we are proud to offer out patients a great internal option that can help to stabilize the unstable joint in a pediatric flatfoot. This option is called a HyProCure, which is a stint that’s placed into the subtalar joint, which is the unstable joint in a pediatric flatfoot.

If your child continues to suffer from a flexible flatfoot and has failed conservative treatment options, we encourage you to contact Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists. Our experts will talk to you and your child, make an accurate diagnosis, and discuss the option of a HyProCure stint and whether your child is a good candidate for this internal option. 

Dr. Shine John, DPM, FACFAS
Podiatric Physician, Surgeon, Specialist at Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists