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The Austin Foot & Ankle injury blog contains the most up-to-date information regarding injuries, treatment, and recovery in Austin, Texas. Articles cover information regarding injuries from sports, running, car accidents, and everyday activities.
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  • How EPAT Can Help Your Heel Pain Heel pain can derail your life; Dr. Thomajan discusses how Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Technology can help relieve your pain and improve your quality of life.
  • Why Custom Orthotics Should Come from a Podiatrist Custom orthotics can be valuable for some patients experiencing heel pain. Find out why you should be getting yours from a doctor, and not a retail chain.
  • Great Places to Camp Near Austin Whether you’re looking for modern conveniences, family fun, or rugged wilderness and isolation, there’s no shortage of options near our great city.
  • Physical Therapy and Podiatry Go Hand-in-Hand! (Or Foot-in-Foot?) Physical therapy is useful in many different ways when it comes to the field of podiatry. It can be a key part of sports injury treatment, recovery from surgery, and even used to prevent problems from arising in the first place. One of the ways that the team at Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists can help you get past foot pain is with this valuable medical practice. Learn more from Austin’s leading podiatry experts, and then contact the practice for the effective foot care you need!
  • Flip-Flops That Won’t Hurt Your Feet! We want your feet to be as healthy as possible - learn why traditional flip-flops just don’t cut it and discover better options for happy feet!
  • Top 3 Myths About Diabetes Don’t let diabetes myths mislead you! The more you know about the disease, the better you can stay safe – so learn about diabetes from Austin’s leading podiatric experts and then request your appointment to create a diabetic foot care plan.
  • PADnet – Noninvasive Testing for Peripheral Arterial Disease Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) is a serious condition wherein restricted blood flow makes it difficult for limbs and other body parts to receive the oxygenated blood they need. PAD doesn’t always produce symptoms, so you may need special tests to determine if the problem is present. Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists is proud to offer PADnet as a noninvasive testing method for this medical concern.
  • Baseball Injuries Learn about some of the more common baseball injuries—along with some valuable prevention measures you can take—from the team at Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists. Since it’s virtually impossible to remove all injury risk, be sure to contact Austin’s leading podiatric experts if you (or a loved one) need professional diagnosis and treatment.
  • Best Places to Cool Off in Austin Residents can usually handle the heat like pros – until temperatures start to climb too high. At that point, you need to find relief. There’s no better way to beat the heat than visiting one of the local pools, swimming holes, or splash pads, so the team at Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists have compiled a list for you of some of the best places to cool off in Austin!
  • Thank Goodness for Second Opinions! Mistakes happen, even in the medical field. For this reason, you should know about second opinions – and the experts at Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists are ready to help. Take advantage of our guide to overcoming lingering pain, and then request an appointment for professional diagnosis and treatment!