5 Foot Problems You Shouldn’t Ignore

If you are a regular subscriber to the Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists monthly newsletter, you hopefully have read January’s snippet about ‘The 5 most commonly ignored foot problems”.  Our monthly newsletter can be delivered to your email inbox by providing your email address and signing up on our website.  We use these digital newsletters to keep our patients up to date and provide foot care information to our Austin community.  Take a second to think about it, but chances are you have been ignoring one of the 5 problems listed below.
  1. Heel Pain.  It’s #1 on the list because of how often it occurs. There are many reasons heel pain can occur and many of them are easily resolved with proper care.
  2. Ankle Sprain.  There are many important ligaments that support your ankle. Ignoring or not treating them can lead to a repetitive problem and sometimes completely destroy these tissues.
  3. Achilles Pain.  Most often caused by entering a new activity or increasing the intensity without proper training or warm up.  Tendonitis here can be treated conservatively and should be.  Failure to get proper and timely treatment can result in ruptures, which do require surgery to repair.
  4. Big Toe Pain.  Some problems affecting the big toe, such as gout, are often too painful for you to ignore. Stiffness or decreased motion is more likely to take a backseat.  This is often the result of damage to the joint due poor foot mechanics; mechanics that can easily be adjusted with inserts.
  5. Ingrown Toenails.  Some individuals are more prone to developing them than others, but avoiding tight fitting shoes is a contributing factor you can easily implement.  A simple in-office procedure can have you walking pain free. We have previously blogged about the dangers of self treatment.

Your Austin podiatrist is well qualified to identify and treat all of these problems.  The Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists website can help you schedule an appointment. Seeking out proper treatment sooner, rather than later, can help you avoid future problems that may prevent you from many activities you enjoy.

Until next time, keep those feet healthy and happy Austin!


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