ADA’s Diabetes Awareness Month – Diabetes & Your Austin Podiatrist

You may be waking up from a tryptophan induced nap along with a large portion of your fellow Americans.  As you sit watching football or just lounging around after your meal, you are probably planning out the rest of your extended weekend. For some of you, Thanksgiving is giving way to a ‘black Friday’ that seems to start earlier and earlier every year.  Regardless, lounging about on turkey day or this weekend, we hope you happen upon our Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists blog.  We wanted to bring attention to the fact that this month is devoted to American Diabetes Awareness®.


Honestly, it is not surprising that the American Diabetes Association chooses November as their annual awareness month.  The one holiday of the year that revolves solely around eating is just about over.  With the planning and cooking for a big meal to share with our families only to be followed by a run up to the holidays in December, it is easy to overlook ourselves and our health. Diabetes is one disease that can be diagnosed early by regular visits with your family doctor.  As with many things, identifying the problem early can lead to better results.  Diabetes is no exception.


This month’s Newsletter focuses on bringing awareness to diabetes and its effects.   It is actually available online now at our website and receive future newsletters by signing up here.  One stat the ADA points out is that approximately 26 million Americans are living with diabetes and more than double, 79 million are at risk for developing the disease.  For those at risk, simple changes to your diet and increasing your activity level can do a lot to stave off the disease.  For those diagnosed with diabetes, it is important to work with your doctors to manage proper blood glucose levels.  Additionally visits to your Austin podiatrist and optometrist should be a yearly occurrence.  Diabetes affects small nerves and vessels, like those in your eyes and feet, before other parts of your body.


Have a Happy Thanksgiving weekend and keep those feet and ankles happy and health, Austin!

Dr. Craig H. Thomajan, DPM, FACFAS, FAENS
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