Ankle problems – Taping Can be an Effective Part of Healing

With the upcoming summer Olympics 2012, we are sure to see athletes with their ankles taped.  This is often preventative taping but can also be used therapeutically.  Use of proper taping technique can offer the athletes’ ankle increased support and protection without limiting motion.  The ability to keep motion is what makes taping a tried and true treatment, especially in top tier athletes. Whether you are competing in Ironman® triathlons or a weekend jogger, taping can keep relieve some of your ankle problems and keep your running. 


The ankle is probably one of the more complex joints of the human body.  There are 10 different tendons from muscles in your leg that cross this area.  On the outside of your ankle are three major ligaments and a complex of six deep and superficial ligaments that are collectively known as the ‘deltoid ligaments’ on the inside portion. As we have discussed previously, the ankle is an area of poor blood flow.  Unlike bones and muscles, tendons and ligaments have no direct blood supply of their own.  This is part of the reason injuries to this area can be tough to heel.  Proper use of taping can help to stabilize the area and help to increase the blood flow will aid in the healing process.


There are far too many different ways to tape the foot and ankle depending on the problem you are addressing for use to discuss here. An article from runners’ world shows several methods for taping to address various problems.  We caution against this type of self treatment immediately following an injury. Instead we Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists would like you to first implement the RICE principle for ankle injuries. When pain persists beyond a 48 hours, it is important to visit your Austin podiatrist before attempting any self treatment. Ankle injuries that are not treated properly initially can become chronic problems. There are many modalities to use for ankle injuries and Dr. Thomajan will implement the best option for your injury.  If taping is the best option we can demonstrate the best method for you.


Dr. Craig H. Thomajan, DPM, FACFAS, FAENS
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