Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists Position on Barefoot Running | Texas

Barefoot running has become an increasing trend, and a possible alternative or training adjunct to running with shoes. While anecdotal evidence and testimonials proliferate on the Internet and in the media about the possible health benefits of barefoot running, research has not yet adequately shed light on the immediate and long term effects of this practice.

Barefoot running has been touted as improving strength and balance, while promoting a more natural running style. However, risks of barefoot running include a lack of protection--which may lead to injuries such as puncture wounds--and increased stress on the lower extremities. Currently, inconclusive scientific research has been conducted regarding the benefits and/or risks of barefoot running.

We encourage our patients to consult with a podiatric physician, like ours, with a strong background in sports medicine to make an informed decision on all aspects of their running and training programs. If you have any questions call 512-328-8900.

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