Eating during the Holidays – Avoiding the gout

Eating in excess is hard to avoid during the holiday season. With big meals and plenty of cakes, cookies and sweets, it can be especially dangerous for individuals living with diabetes.  We have written before about this particular metabolic problem and taking care to manage it around the holidays.  There is another more painful problem that can raise its head around the holidays.   Anyone who has experienced the discomfort of a gout attack knows exactly what we’re talking about.


Gout has afflicted man about as long as diabetes has.  Gout has long been known as ‘the rich man’s disease’ since it was often seen in those who ate too much.   Before modern science discovered that this problem was the result of purine metabolism gone awry, ancient people associated it with drinking and eating red meat in excess.  In these early times, having more than you needed were more often associated with the wealthy and thus goat was described as the ‘disease of kings’.  Our modern society has put many foods within the grasp of all of use, rich or not.  We are doubtful that any of this matters much to you if your big toe has become red, swollen, and hot. These typical signs of goat can make your toe so sensitive that the light touch of a sheet on your toe is excruciatingly painful.


Dr. Thomajan can provide you with effective treatments to get you through this acute phase.  When your toe becomes red and painful, you body has had a buildup of the waste product, uric acid, in your body. Increasing the amount of water you drink can assist your body in excreting it and medications can minimize your pain and discomfort.  Once the attack has resolved it is important to monitor your diet avoiding foods that can lead to a reoccurrence.  Avoiding these foods, or replacing them with green vegetables, can keep your free of the gout for many years.  If you have concerns that gout may be affecting you visit Austin Foot and Ankle Specialist today.


Until next time, keep that big toe happy and healthy Austin!

Dr. Craig H. Thomajan, DPM, FACFAS, FAENS
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