Chicago Marathon – Researching runners’ shoes

It has been several weeks since the Chicago Marathon.  Hopefully any Austinites who made the trip up north for the marathon, didn’t find themselves stopping at the podiatry tent at the end of the race.   For almost ten years, podiatrists from Loyola University Medical Center have volunteered at the race providing needed foot care to runners.  According to these doctors, blistering and damaged toenails are some of the most common injuries that they seen year in and year out.  They have proposed that many of the injuries that that see are a result of poor fitting shoes and set out this year acquire data to support this claim.  The group measured the foot size and shoe size of every individual who stopped by their tent for medical care.


Anyone who frequents our Austin Runner’s and Heel Pain Blog knows we try to offer a variety of advice for the Austin running community.  Most recently we discussed some ideas to keep in mind for those long races.  Previous posts have focused on topics from selecting the proper shoe for your foot type to heel pain as a result of weight gain to the latest trends in running shoes.   Heel pain or foot injury during a distance run is sure to limit your ability to continue on.  Avoiding detriments to your running routine can be as simple as shoe selection.  While the days leading up to a race are often filled with vendors, the latest style of shoe may not always be the best bet for the race.


Chances are that many of you have run in a variety distance races without any problems.  Good training and good shoe selection can do a lot to keep injuries at bay.  If you do sustain any type of running related injury, it is good idea to visit your Austin podiatrist.  Our team is well equipped with the latest technology and knowledge to identify and correct your foot problems.


We will keep an eye out for the results of this study and discuss in a future blog. Until then keep your feet in running shape Austin!


Dr. Craig H. Thomajan, DPM, FACFAS, FAENS
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