Peripheral Nerve Pain Blogs

Read the Austin Foot & Ankle Specialists' blog to learn more about peripheral nerve pain in the feet and ankles, including common conditions, treatment options, and even things you can do at home to prevent or relieve discomfort.

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  • PADnet – Noninvasive Testing for Peripheral Arterial Disease Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) is a serious condition wherein restricted blood flow makes it difficult for limbs and other body parts to receive the oxygenated blood they need. PAD doesn’t always produce symptoms, so you may need special tests to determine if the problem is present. Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists is proud to offer PADnet as a noninvasive testing method for this medical concern.
  • Tips to Avoid Nerve Pain Triggers Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists discusses causes of nerve pain and shares tips on avoiding things that can trigger it.
  • Nullify Nerve Pain with Neurogenx Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists discusses Neurogenx as an innovative approach to treating neuropathy and easing symptoms.
  • Manage Nerve Pain at Home Nerve pain can make daily activities and favorite hobbies difficult. Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists shares tips to manage nerve pain at home.
  • Answers for Sharp Pain in Your Feet If you’re experiencing sharp, zinging pain in your feet, it may be due to a problem with your nerves.
  • Nerve Pain Treatment Options When you are experiencing nerve pain, there are several possible treatment options that might be used to help you find the relief you need.
  • Sources of Nerve Pain Burning, tingling, and stabbing are examples of various types of nerve pain. Our foot doctors explain why they could be happening in your feet.