Diabetes Epidemic – Looking at Pre-Diabetes as an Opportunity

With the ever rising costs associated with healthcare and the diseases that cause them, a healthy lifestyle and preventative medicine are playing a bigger and bigger part of the care you receive.   Your primary doctor will order standard labs as part of your yearly check up. One of these molecular markers is glycosylated hemoglobin.  Also known as your HbAlc, this measurement checks your blood sugar levels for the past 3 month period.  This is the lifespan for your red blood cells which become altered by sugar levels in the blood.   Some alterations are normal, as sugars supply your tissues and organs with fuel, but as this level consistently rises it becomes a red flag for impending diabetes. 


If you are one of the estimated 79 million Americans in this pre-diabetic state, consider it an opportunity to take control of your health!  You have not quite yet crossed the threshold to diabetes, but unless you take steps to improve your diet and activity you may find yourself doing daily finger sticks and taking medications. The type of diabetes we are talking about has previously been known as ‘adult onset diabetes’.  While there can be a variety of precipitating events, it is widely accepted that a combination of weight gain and poor diet over a lifetime destroys your body’s ability to properly control your blood sugars.  Look at pre-diabetes as you opportunity to take control of your health and start living better.


Some individuals have effectively eliminated the symptoms of their diabetes by changing diet and daily activity levels.  Most recently comedian Drew Carey, host of ‘The Price is Right’, was reported to have dropped 80 pounds and eliminated the need for his diabetic medications.   Limiting the simple sugars found in pizza and bread along with regular cardiovascular workouts were the key to his transformation.  While not a common result, his experiences exemplify the power of diet and lifestyle modification.  Keep an eye on your health with yearly checkups and take the steps today to prevent problems later.  Here at Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists we are ready to fix your foot problems and keep you active.


Until next time, keep those feet happy and healthy Austin!

Dr. Craig H. Thomajan, DPM, FACFAS, FAENS
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