Footcare as You Age – Fall prevention is Only One Reason to Visit a Podiatrist

Several months ago we blogged about fall prevention and some of the things Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists can do to help.  While falls can be quite devastating for older Americans, there are a variety of other problems that become more common as we age.  Regular foot care can do a lot to keep your feet healthy and keep you mobile.


As we age, it becomes more difficult for our bodies to heal from damage. Lack of activity, smoking, and health problems like high blood pressure or diabetes can further complicate the process.  Most of our daily activities create some amount of damage to our feet and muscles.  With proper nutrition and rest, your body can quickly recuperate and grow stronger.  A simple evening walk around the block can do a lot for your overall health as you get older.  Walking is one of the best exercises you can do in respect to low impact on your joints and can have a good impact on your circulatory system.  Good blood flow throughout your body, but especially your feet, keeps your tissues healthy and allows for quick healing. 


Staying active is important for good health at any age level, but be more important as we age.  While our bodies may change as we grow older, you shouldn’t accept pain as part of that change.  Many of the problems that affect the feet are a result of the placement and movements of the bones and tendons, or your foot mechanics.  Some problems, such as bunions and hallux rigidus, may have taken a better part of your lifetime to progress to a painful deformity. Often early intervention can limit the progression of these problems.  Your Austin podiatrist has several conservative options, including footwear, padding and orthosis to name a few, that may allow your feet to be pain free.  If these treatments are ineffective, there are also a variety of surgical options that Dr. Thomajan will discuss with you.  Take a look at our new interactive foot map to help pinpoint your foot pain before making an appointment.


Until next time, keep those feet happy and healthy, Austin!

Dr. Craig H. Thomajan, DPM, FACFAS, FAENS
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