Happy Halloween Austin!

With Halloween falling on a Monday this year, chances are you and your little ones have spent the weekend trick or treating.   A fun time to dress up, your children will spend their evening sorting through the bag of goodies the collected. If you have read our newsletter this month or visited our Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists facebook page, you have seen our tips for sending you kids out on Halloween. Those of you who tune into NBC’s Biggest Loser this week you heard about how much candy gets consumed during this time of the year.  While having the occasional sweet can be helpful to keep you from gorging or straying too far from healthy eating habits, Halloween candy too often in consumed in large quantities. 


While the threat of the tummy ache has dissuaded few children from eating as much candy as possible, the reality is that this hyperglycemia can tax their bodies.  It is longstanding high blood sugars that cause problems for individuals with diabetes.  In young healthy children, a once a year binge isn’t an immediate concern.   The big concern from our standpoint is developing good eating habits in your children. Instilling good diet and exercise habits can keep many health problems at bay. Two of these, diabetes and obesity, are affecting younger and younger individuals throughout the nation.  Healthy habits early in life can do a lot to stop diabetes and other problems from occurring later in life.  Because your feet often take the brunt of these metabolic changes, regular visits with your Austin podiatrist become necessary to prevent infection and other terrible complications.


Enjoy some Halloween candy with your kids, but make sure you stress the importance of good eating habits for yourself and your children.  There are many small changes we can all make to the foods we and our families eat to better improve our nutrition and lead a healthier lifestyle.  Biggest Loser nutritionist gives some advice on good eats for the fall as well as a recipe in her latest blog.


Keep those feet and ankles happy and healthy this Halloween, Austin!

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