Jessica Alba’s Ankle Injury & High Heels

When it comes to celebrity news, it is sometimes ancient history, at least in the online world of trends and tweets, before I put a blog together about it.   It was over two weeks ago that Jessica Alba tweeted that her ankle was hurt and swollen after dropping a plate on it the night before.  Later that day she posted a photo while being evaluated at the hospital with an x-ray of her ankle.  Since the buzz has died down, and a photo of her in high heels graced OMG! last week, it would appear that the trauma to her ankle was minimal. We are glad to see this injury was serious and isn’t going to limit Jessica’s role in the new movie Machete Kills.


It just wouldn’t be an Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists’ Blog unless we used this opportunity to talk about ankle injuries and high heeled shoes. Whenever there is direct trauma to an ankle due to an impact, fall, or striking object, we first want to rule out a fracture to the bony structures.  This should be visible in the ankle x-rays Jessica Alba had taken.  Your Austin podiatrist would go a step further when assessing your ankle injury by taking weight bearing or partial weight bearing x-rays.  Doing so allows us to best assess the joint space surrounding the ankle which in turn gives us indirect information about the soft tissues (tendons, ligaments) that hold it all together and are often injured.  Ankle injuries can become chronic problems is proper steps aren’t implemented in the healing process.  Please contact us with any concerns of an injured ankle.


Lastly, we must make a quick note on high heels.  Slipping into a high heeled shoe a week after injuring your ankle, no matter Jessica Alba's foothow minor, is playing with fire.  Women’s shoes with a heel greater than 2 inches often put your foot in an awkward position and put abnormal strain on your ankle ligaments.  Putting an injured ankle in an awkward position can delay healing or worsen the injury. In general, it is best limit the amount of time you wear your extra high heels and be careful to fully rehabilitate any ankle injuries before slipping them back on.


Until next time, keep those feet and ankles happy and healthy Austin!

Dr. Craig H. Thomajan, DPM, FACFAS, FAENS
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