Lady Gaga - Choices in footwear CAN lead to Foot problems

Lady Gaga has become a constant fixture in the media and entertainment world. While there are several causes she advocates for, her music and crazy clothes are what many of us know her for the most. Some of the footwear that accompanies these outfits has been shocking not only in the design but also the structure. Proper footwear has been a topic of this blog from time to time and I have tried to warn you about the dangers of unstable shoes and advocate for limited use before. Unfortunately, Lady Gaga wears unstable shoes around on a daily basis. Recent articles in British media have discussed the results of her choice in footwear as she recently visited a podiatrist. Her problems include pain in her Achilles, corns, and emerging bunions. At only 25 years old, this young woman is experiences some of the problems that come with unstable footwear.

High heels are a staple of many women’s shoe closet. While not nearly as eccentric as Lady Gaga’s shoes, often style and appearance are placed before function and comfort. The high heel may make you appear taller, but it is because you are standing on the balls of your feet and are altering the proper mechanics of your foot. The fat pad on the heel of your feet is there to cushion the impact of each step. Unlike the tissue at the ball of your foot, the pad at your heel is very thick and not easily displaced. For the woman who wears high heels for long periods of time or for walking long distances, there are a number of problems that can occur including displacement of the fat pad.

The foot problems that are plaguing Lady Gaga are not unlike those of high heel wearers. The Achilles tendon becomes shortened when the foot is constantly plantar flexed. This results in pain and possible damage when you attempt to place the foot in any other position. Corns and calluses, as we’ve mentioned before, are your body’s way of protecting you from altered pressures. When the force of ever step placed on the toes and balls of your feet first, you can also develop bunions. Make a visit to your Austin podiatrist today for any problems in your feet.

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