Let’s Move – Battling Childhood Obesity

Increased body weight puts added stress on your feet and ankles.  Not maintain a healthy body weight puts tendons and bones under high tensions that can exasperate small deformities and create bigger problems. Ask any pregnant woman how her feet feel late in her pregnancy to realize the foot pain added weight can create.  Gaining extra weight as we get older is something we all struggle with often because of decreased physical activity as we age.   Unfortunately, due to the empty calories of many snacks, sugary drinks, and sedentary activities, our children are also at risk of becoming obese.  For growing children, obesity can inhibit normal growth of the feet and lead to painful conditions in addition to increasing the risk of other diseases.  Childhood obesity has become such a problem in recent years that it is has gained national attention.  This has resulted in what you may have recently seen in tv commercials with the First Lady promoting the website www.letsmove.gov.

While it is our business at Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists to keep your feet healthy and pain free, it’s in your best interest to stay health by keeping and normal weight.  There are many diseases including diabetes, cardiac arterial disease, peripheral vascular disease and others that often occur with or because of obesity.  The longer you live at and unhealthy weight, the more prone you are to have other chronic diseases. Living with chronic diseases like diabetes, means more time at the doctor and more of your money spent on health care costs.  This is especially true when obesity strikes our children as has been the trend in recent years. From a young age, we mold the eating habits of our children by the way we ourselves eat.

Because many of the causes of obesity, such as diet and physical activity, are controllable, eating right and making physical activity part of your daily routine are easy ways to avoid health problems later.  The Let’s Move initiative is a combined effort of several governmental organizations to help you change your diet and increase your physical activity for the sake of you and your family.

Until next time, keep the weight off you and your children’s feet Austin!

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