Living with Diabetes – Make all your shoes safe for your feet

As part of our focus on diabetes this month, we wanted to talk about proper shoe selection.  Shoes should never hurt your feet.  This is especially critical if you are living with diabetes.    Slower healing time and increased risks of complications from injury make shoe selection critical for foot health when living with diabetes.

Every time you go shopping for shoes, take a few seconds to get an accurate measurement with a Brannock device, or those things you see lying around the store for measuring your feet.   The proper measurement is taken by standing normally, with your heel firm against the back, and have the slid placed where your big toe meets rest of your foot. This number is your shoe size. Fall between marks?  Give yourself an extra half size.  Be sure to try them on for fit as not all brands sizes will fit the same.

A leather shoe is typically a good choice because the soft leather’s ability to shape to the foot.   Sneakers, tennis shoes, or athletic shoes are also a good choice for their support as well as softer materials on top.   All of these shoes should have good ventilation.  Shoes that have good air flow will help keep your feet dry and help prevent fungal infect of the nails or athletes’ feet.  If you find that your shoes are causing irritations on the tops of your toes or on any part of your foot, it is time to visit Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists.

Dr. Thomajan will examine your feet and your footwear to decide how to best address the problem.   Often foot deformities, such as hammertoes, can be accommodated with typical ‘diabetic shoe’, or one that has more depth in the toe box.   Additionally, a cushioned and supportive insert may also relieve the problem.  Off the self footwear and inserts will not fit every foot type and for those individuals a prescription of custom molded shoes may be necessary.  Call Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists to make an appointment and make sure you have the right shoes for your feet.

Until next time, keep those feet and ankles happy and healthy Austin!

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