London Summer Olympics & Paralympics 2012

There are less than 4 days until the opening ceremony for the London Summer Olympics XXX.   For those of us who enjoy the games, it has been a long four years to wait for the start of summer games.  Track and field, gymnastics, and swimming tend to get the biggest coverage, at least on television.  There are so many other aspects of the games that may be over looked.  One of these is the Paralympics, which occur a few weeks after the main game’s end.  While healthy feet and ankles are important for many of the games we mentioned, Paralympians display Olympic feats even while living with physical or mental deficits.

The Paralympics are of special note this year due to the location of the games.  While the official first Paralympics didn’t occur until 1960 in Rome, it was twelve years earlier that a group of disabled war veterans hatched the idea of athletes overcoming their ‘disabilities’  with sport.  These early games were held in London and only disabled veterans were allowed to participate.  Over the years, there have been many changes to the Paralympics just as there have been to the regular Olympics.  What began with a ‘handful of injured service men’, has turned into a competition of 4,200 athletes, from 150 countries, competing in 20 sports. 

As for the summer Olympics 2012, you can continue to count down the days.  Check the NBC Olympics website to see which games you can watch at home on the networks main station as well as its different television stations. The open ceremony on July 27th looks to rival that of Beijing 2008. Your Austin podiatrist here as Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists wants to prop your feet up and enjoy the 30th Modern Olympics.

Until next time, keep your feet happy and healthy Austin!

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