Money Magazine® Article – Foot Pain & Your Podiatrist

moneyIf you have picked up the latest issue of CNN’s Money Magazine, you have learned about the ’25 best places to retire’.  Additionally, you probably came across a short cover article titled ‘5 things to know about foot pain’.  The article contains some good advice along with a few things we would like to clarify.  


The first three points; pay attention to aches, lose weight and purchase good shoes are all worthwhile advice.  A spokesman for the nation organization of podiatrists (APMA) is even sighted in the first point.


Small aches and pains can often be resolved conservatively and without surgical intervention when addressed early.  When small issues are ignored, they can lead to foot deformities, like hammertoes and bunions, or injuries, such as tendon tears that do require timely and costly surgical repair


Two ways cited to avoid aches and pains are weight loss and quality footwear.  As we walk our body weight is amplified as one leg supports our entire body with each step.  This can mean your single foot and ankle is supporting two to three times your body weight.  You can avoid excessive strain and the problems that result from it by losing a few pounds and maintain a health weight. Additionally, make sure the shoe you slide your foot into fits well. Because there are so many choices when it comes to shoes, our Mod Pod shoe store is here to help in your selection of the proper shoe for your foot.


We take some argument with the last two points of this article which refer to orthotic overkill and choosing the right doctor.


It is true that some individuals are in need of extra cushioning and support.  This is something that can often be found by selecting a quality shoe.  Because cost for a custom insert can rival or exceed that of custom eyewear, we do not feel they are something every patient should have.  Your Austin podiatrist will prescribe custom inserts if he feels it the best way to treat your foot pain.


Your podiatrist is a surgical specialist.  A board certified podiatrist does over 1,000 different surgies on the foot and ankle.   Orthopedists also receive many years of surgical training focused on bone and joint surgery from head to toe.  With all the shoulders, knees, and fractures, an orthopedist rarely come close to the number of specific foot and ankle cases podiatrist do during their training.  So, whether it is a hammer toe correction or an ankle fracture, your Austin podiatrist can offer you the best treatment.


Until next time, keep those feet and ankles happy and healthy Austin!!


Dr. Craig H. Thomajan, DPM, FACFAS, FAENS
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