My Heels Hurt – Are your shoes to blame?

As we have mentioned before, heel pain can have many causes but is most often a result of foot structure and activity.  The changing of the seasons will have many of us swapping out our shoes.  While our Austin, TX climate won’t have us changing from fur lined boots to flip flops overnight, any change in footwear can create problems when not done gradually.  Hopefully you haven’t learned this lesson the hard way.  Even the most seasoned runner among us may have made the mistake of lacing up a new pair of shoes for the start of that race you have been training for and developing heel pain as a result. 


While running shoes offer some of the best support in footwear, different brands of shoes, as well as styles with in brands, offer varied amounts of support in their design.  Previous blogs have discussed proper shoe selection for your foot type.  We recommend a slow transition between running shoes or any type of new foot wear. Running shoes give the best cushioning and support. Sandals or flip flops often have the least amount of structured support.  Switching between the two can easily create heel pain when worn for long periods of time. Any heel pain that doesn’t resolve should be seen by your Austin podiatrist. A thorough history and physical exam will identify if the problem is with your shoes, the structure of your foot, or the matching of the two.


A good way to be sure your foot is getting the proper cushioning and support in the right places is to be fitted for a pair of custom orthotics.  We’re not talking about the Dr. Scholl’s® Custom Fit Orthotics® available at Walmart that are premade and matched to your foot.  We are referring to an insert that is as specific to your foot as a pair of glasses is to someone with poor eye sight. Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists make custom orthosis specific to the design of your foot and the pressure points created when you run.  Call us at 512-328-8900 to set up a consultation

Dr. Craig H. Thomajan, DPM, FACFAS, FAENS
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