Nerve Pain Treatment Options

Nerve pain in the lower extremities (feet and ankles) is an issue affecting as many as 28-32 million Americans. Unfortunately, we cannot help all of them, but we can provide the effective nerve pain treatment you need here at Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists.

There are two big reasons nerve pain is so prevalent: one, there are many different causes, and two, they can happen to just about anyone. Some of the reasons nerves becomes damaged and painful include diabetes, exposure to toxins, nerve compression, malnutrition, infections, and inherited disorders.

Since there are several potential causes of peripheral neuropathy, we need several potential ways to address the condition. Nerve pain treatment options include measures like:

  • Medication. Some of the medications we may prescribe to relieve your nerve pain include topical compound treatments, anti-seizure medication, antidepressants, and, of course, pain relievers (often nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs).
  • Neurogenx. This is a safe, effective, and sophisticated electronic signal treatment (EST). With Neurogenx treatment, high-frequency electronic waves are delivered into your muscle and tissue to reach damaged nerves and initiate beneficial changes at the cellular level. The EST waves improve healing processes and relieve pain by increasing cellular metabolism.
  • Non-invasive laser therapy. Laser therapy can be used to regenerate peripheral nerves that have become damaged and are now causing painful sensations.
  • Therapeutic nerve blocks. We can inject anesthetic directly into an affected nerve, which then interrupts transmission of painful signals to the brain, thereby providing the relief you need.
  • Physical therapy. The exercises and activities physical therapists use can improve functions that have become limited on account of nerve pain. Nerve gliding activities, balance and coordination exercises, and moderate-intensity activities may all be beneficial. The therapists at our Three Lakes Physical Therapy and Wellness Center will choose the right exercises and create an appropriate program for you!
  • Peripheral nerve surgery. Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists is fortunate to have skilled foot and ankle surgeons on staff, but we generally reserve the use of surgery only for conditions that do not improve with the use of conservative measures. The good news for you is that when surgery is deemed necessary, you can take comfort in the fact you have Austin’s top surgeons performing your procedure.

When you are experiencing nerve pain in a foot or ankle, schedule an appointment with us and have our medical experts determine what type of treatment you need. For more information, call (512) 328-8900, or request your appointment with our Austin, TX practice online today.

Dr. Craig H. Thomajan, DPM, FACFAS, FAENS
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