Orthotics for Everyone and Their Shoes

Austin’s 5K Bubble Run is just around the corner, and a fun event for the whole family! Grab the kids and get ready to walk, run, skip, and heck, even dance your way through bogs of colored foam – however you want to cover the course, fun is sure to be had by all!

Family Fun

Family opportunities are all around us, even at Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists! Did you know we can design custom orthotics for adults and kids alike? Sure, that might not seem as fun as a color foam race, but it will definitely make you just as happy when you realize the benefits orthotics bring.

These custom-made shoe inserts help keep feet of all ages comfy and safe. They provide added cushion and support, evenly distribute weight, reduce pressure on problem areas, and hold feet in proper alignment, reducing chance of injury and other issues. No matter your age or activity, orthotics can help ease discomfort and protect against possible problems. Not only that, but despite popular belief, they’re not just for athletic footwear!

We can make custom orthotics for all different types of shoes – whether for sports, dress-up, work or play. Sometimes people even choose to get multiple orthotics so they can just leave them in the different shoes they wear.

The fact is, custom orthotics fit your feet and their needs, plus any shoe in your closet, no matter if you’re the youngest or oldest, or any family member in between!

So, before you head out on your next family adventure, visit us with the kids in tow and we’ll set you all up with custom orthotics that perfectly suit each of your needs and your shoes! Schedule an appointment in Austin, TX by calling (512) 328-8900.  Let the fun – and comfort – begin!

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