Preventing Foot Injuries with Your Shoe Fit

When you need to buy new shoes, as everyone does from time to time, there are many options here in Austin, TX to find the right pair. Of course, whether you choose to shop at Luke’s Locker, Sandy’s Shoes, or a national chain, it is important to understand how to find shoes that fit correctly and help to prevent foot injuries.

Many of the foot injuries we treat at our podiatry practice could have been prevented in the first place by footwear that fits properly. Tips that can help are:

  • Go shoe shopping later in the day. During the course of an average day, your feet are subjected to tremendous amounts of pressure. As a result, they swell and are larger in the evening. To make sure that your shoes fit all day long, plan your trip for later in the day.
  • Fit your footwear to the larger foot. It is quite rare for two feet to be the exact same size. Have each foot measured and buy your shoes to fit the larger one. If you need to add inserts or pads in the shoe of the smaller foot, you can certainly do so, but you cannot make a shoe bigger. Of course, if one foot is significantly larger than the other (1 ½ size difference), you need two different-sized shoes.
  • Wear the socks you normally would with the shoes you buy. If you are picking up a pair of running shoes, wear the socks that you would have on when you go for a run. Need new footwear for the office? Wear the dressier socks you would during the workweek.
  • Leave room in the front…and the back. Ideally, you want 1/2 an inch of space in the front and about 1/8 of an inch in the back.
  • Don’t be too concerned about size. Remember, size is simply a number. Yes, it’s a good starting point when trying on shoes, but one manufacturer’s size 9 will likely be either larger or smaller than the next one’s. Focus more on how the shoes actually fit and feel on your feet. 

In addition to offering tips on how to find shoes that fit in order to prevent foot injuries, Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists provides first-class foot and ankle care for patients from the Austin, San Marcos, and Round Rock, TX communities. Call us today at (512) 328-8900 or schedule your appointment by using our online form.

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